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Let us explain why this is important


The Kitchen Appreciation Fee is an automatic 2% fee that will be added to the total of the bill before tax.

This fee will be split among the kitchen staff onlyThis is not a tip for your server.

According to the law Servers' TIPS are not to be shared with Kitchen staff... We feel strongly it’s our best option given the current realities of the restaurant industry. Most importantly, we hope its’ impact is evident in the quality of food and overall experience you have when dining with us.

Why we believe it makes for a healthier restaurant:
-we believe this is the most transparent, honest, and fair way for our guests to show appreciation for the unsung heroes in the kitchen
-it attracts talented, qualified cooks with the desire to become great chefs
-it retains employees which allows for an investment in education and training
-it directly rewards the kitchen staff for the success of our restaurant
-it encourages constant improvement in the quality and consistency of our food
-it creates a culture of teamwork and elevates the expectations of our staff

-If you wish to not pay it, please let your server or bartender know and we will be happy to remove it for you.



Q: Why don’t we pay our kitchen staff a fair living wage?
A: We absolutely do! The kitchen fee is not in lieu of a competitive wage, it is in an addition to it. Every member of the kitchen staff is guaranteed an incremental bonus based on the success of the restaurant.


Q: Why should guests subsidize this?  

A: The reality is you are already paying for labor. Sales of food and beverages are the only source of revenue and cover all costs to operate a restaurant.


Q: Why not just increase menu prices?  

A: Increasing prices would not yield the same result. By giving the kitchen staff a percentage of sales, it adds value across all facets of the restaurant, creates a better guest experience, incentivizes the kitchen staff, and allows for the type of training that has become very hard to invest in otherwise. 


Q: Why not have options to tip the kitchen?  

A: Unfortunately, it’s not a legal option. Kitchen employees are not tipped employees, so under our state law they are not allowed to share any tips. To give them a percentage of sales it needs to be in the form of a set fee.


We appreciate your support in recognizing our back-of-house employees’ hard work, and their commitment to quality every day, every shift. And certainly, we hope you will feel the positive impact.


Above all, the fee is voluntary. If you wish to not pay it, please let your server or bartender know and we will be happy to remove it for you.


Thank you for your continued patronage and for supporting the Mediterranean Grill & Pizzeria Family!

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