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The “Mediterranean’s Greek Gastronomy Services” was established in late 2019 with the goal of providing detail-oriented and passion-driven services to Greek Restaurant owners. We operate with a passionate and dedicated team of highly motivated, award-winning professionals from Greece. Our goal is to give everyone the chance to discover, taste and experience the true meaning of Greek hospitality in the food & beverage industry.

Looking to enrich your customers' experience when they visit your Business? Or maybe you're planning to open your own Greek Restaurant and you're not sure how to kick off? The Mediterranean's Greek Gastronomy Services team is ready to assist and guide you in every step of the way!

greek restaurant conceptual development

With a long-standing experience in the food & beverage industry, our team is commited to assisting in innovative restaurant conceptual development that delivers sales and profit-building results. Restaurant consulting services range from interior and exterior design coordination, equipment selection, operational planning and manuals, staff training and POS selection. From a simple introduction of new experiences to your business, to launching a brand new concept from scratch, our team will help you achieve your goal to make your restaurant stand out and outperform competitors.


Surprise your restaurant guests with a delectable real-time demonstration of Greek appetizers preparation. Our recipes stay true to tradition and date back to our Greek grandmothers! Your guest will have the chance to start their meal by learning how to prepare and appreciate Greek traditional appetizers such as tzatziki, aubergine spread and taramosalata, under the careful guidance of our expert chef.


Discover the best Greek authentic recipes, explore their secrets and enjoy a delicious dinner under the careful guidance of our expert chef! Our hands-on session is planned around a traditional Greek meal. First, we learn how to create the dishes and then we all gather around the table to enjoy the “fruits” of our cooking session in a lovely, warm environment. These are the principles of the well-known Greek hospitality! The philosophy of these culinary meetings is to welcome our visitors to the healthy and flavorful world of the Mediterranean diet.


If the words Ouzo, Raki and Tsipouro don't ring a bell, then you are in for a treat! The most iconic and distinguished Greek spirits and distillates will be presented to your guests by our expert sommelier in an unforgettable tasting experience. Each spirit selection is made based on the menu items your guests will choose to order.


Combining music with food & drink is what Greek entertainment is all about! We have carefully created a playlist of the most popular Greek songs that are guaranteed to turn a simple evening night out into a Greek celebration for the whole family. Our playlists selection can be fully customized based on your guests' needs and the type of events you wish to host in your restaurant. 


Following a strict selection, your guests will now have the chance to sample the most exquisite wine labels of the Greek vineyard. Enjoy quality wine, as suggested by our expert sommelier, that will perfectly accompany your dishes. Each wine sampling selection is made based on the menu items your guests will choose to order, so as to turn a simple dinner into a Greek wine-pairing experience.

greek restaurant MENU CONSULTING

A full menu and recipe development is not an easy task for new restaurant owners. Our long-standing expertise in menu costing and development for various Greek prestiguous restaurants in Europe and the USA enabled us to understand the manufacturing process and deliver concepts with merchandising impact. We offer proficient consulting on product creation, from conceiving to transforming top-level recipes into easily manufactured formulas.

*More Greek experiences & services are added constantly based on demand, so stay tuned for more.

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